"Luxury" (Official Music Video)

"This song means a lot, I wrote it at a very special moment in my life. Love is one of the most luxurious things a man can ever experience, and if it weren't for my girl, I wouldn't be writing such beautiful music. Find someone to love, and go the mile to show them how much they mean to you. This will make sure that life stays magical and worth living every day."

-Bronson TwoSkies

"Alumni" video shoot!

You guys are going to love this when it's finished. Thursday is the big day, get ready!

Official Music Video releasing Thursday 5/18/17 @ 7p/ 6p Central Standard

Sparkle- Short Film

Thank you to all the amazing people that helped me bring this to life, couldn't have done this without you!

Bieber music video shoot!

Had a great time with @justinbieber on the set for #WhatDoYouMean Also, @scooterbraun and I had a powerful conversation about the importance of giving back. Keep it up guys.

Check out the official video here and see if you can find me(: Hint 3:49, 4:32


Teen Choice Awards

Last week I was invited to the Teen Choice Awards! It was so nice to see you @5sos Also, @robinthicke and @official_flo killed it! Check out the view we had here: